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Ranch Lovers Are Welcome at Zoli's, If Not Cane Rosso

News of Neapolitan pizzeria Cane Rosso's $1,000 side of ranch dressing and subsequent tongue-in-cheek banning of any outside ranch has spread far and wide, popping up on network news as far off as Philadelphia and even the Kelly & Michael morning show.

As angry ranch-lovers and supporters of the ban alike flood Cane Rosso's Facebook page with impassioned debate, owner Jay Jerrier just wants everyone to know that ranch fans are totally welcome at New York-style offshoot Zoli's, where the housemade (and gratis!) jalapeno ranch "flows in rivers" — so folks can feel free to dip their crusts in it, or hell, just guzzle it straight.

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Zoli's NY Pizza Tavern

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