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Get Schooled at Weekend Coffee; Absinthe Chocolates

Photo: Garrett Hall/EDFW

DOWNTOWN—Weekend Coffee will now offer public cuppings (that's a fancy coffee word for "tastings") on the third Sunday of each month and home brewing classes on the first Sunday; both are free and take place from 3-5 p.m. Email to reserve your spot. [Eaterwire]

JUSTIN—The Dallas Beer Snobs went to Rabbit Hole Brewing for a tour and a tasting. They have kind words for the brewery's "flavorful, authentic tasting Kolsch" as well as the "very authentic and quite delicious" English IPA. [DBS]

OAK LAWN—Just in time for Fat Tuesday, sweets emporium Chocolate Secrets has debuted hand-painted absinthe bonbons. [Eaterwire]

Weekend Coffee

1511 Commerce Street, , TX 75201 (214) 261-4545 Visit Website

Chocolate Secrets

3926 Oak Lawn Avenue, , TX 75219 (214) 252-9801 Visit Website