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HG Sply to Triple Down on Greenville Ave. With Remedy

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HG Sply Co. owner Elias Pope is certainly doing more than his fair share when it comes to gentrifying Lower Greenville Avenue. Teresa Gubbins of CultureMap reports that in addition to his Paleo-inspired restaurant/bar and the recently opened Gym of Social Mechanics next door to it, he's also got another new concept in the works called Remedy that will be headed up by recently departed Grape chef Danyele McPherson.

Pope is staying tight-lipped on most of the details for now, but it'll take over the old Public House space on the other side of HG. Gubbins says "it sounds like it will be some kind of old-school soda shop," and quotes Pope as using the phrase "apothecary cocktail program."

No word on a projected opening date just yet.

· Chef Danyele McPherson to Preside Over New Fizzy Sibling to HG Sply Co. [CultureMap]

HG Sply Co. [Photo: Margo Sivin/EDFW]

HG Sply Co.

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