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Tanoshii Now Offers Truffled Ramen, Tofu Caprese, More

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Deep Ellum noodle house Tanoshii Ramen has just debuted a new dinner menu.

Says co-owner Chi Le via press release: "We have grown a lot since we first opened, and now that we have more experience under our belt, we developed dishes that are more creative and elevated while still preserving classic Japanese ramen culture."

That means new items like blue crab sunomono, a caprese salad with tofu standing in for the mozzarella, and seafood ceviche, plus new ramen varieties like truffled crab ramen and a mushroom ramen with shiitake broth. (The lunch and late-night menus have also changed, offering a dish lineup that's smaller than but similar to the dinner menu.)

Dinner Menu

Tanoshii Lunch Menu by Eater Dallas

Tanoshii Late Night Menu

[Photo: Margo Sivin/EDFW]

Tanoshii Ramen

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