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Last Night Conan Catapulted 72-Ounce Steaks

Last night marked the kickoff of Conan O'Brien's Dallas takeover. For anyone living under a rock, the ginger funnyman is taping a week's worth of shows at downtown's Majestic Theatre to coincide with the Final Four. In honor of the sporting event, which is taking place at AT&T Stadium, the Conan team set up a catapult outside Jerryworld and attempted to make three-point shots — but instead of basketballs, they used 72-ounce steaks from Amarillo restaurant The Big Texan (where patrons who eat said steak in one hour get it free).

According to Conan they'll be launching a different Texas-related item every night this week, so do tune in tonight to see what's next — maybe bottles of ranch dressing?

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