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Final Four Fare at AT&T Stadium Includes Chicken & Waffles, But Not Booze

For the thousands of people heading to Jerryworld aka AT&T Stadium to catch some NCAA basketball this week as part of the Final Four, the concessions menu will include absurd creations like mayo-slathered chicken and waffles — but not beer.

As the Dallas Morning News explains, "the NCAA prohibits alcohol in most of the Stadium during the finals," so in an attempt to make up all that lost revenue, more emphasis is being placed on ridiculous new food items. Arguably the shining star of the new concessions lineup, "The Champion Chicken & Waffles" consists of two oh-so-patriotic Texas-shaped waffles stacked with hand-battered fried chicken, onion rings, pepper jack, pecan-maple mayo and bacon, because why the hell not. If that's not caloric enough, "The Texas Triple Double" combines a burger, a fried chicken sandwich and bacon into one beastly creation that costs a hefty $20.

On the completely opposite end of the spectrum, the "Slam Dunk Vegetarian Nachos" are only nine bucks, consisting of blue corn tortilla chips topped with white queso and black bean-corn salsa; falling somewhere in between are a smoked brisket sandwich and a Mexican-style torta with carnitas or chicken, both of which tout "freshly baked" bread and clock in at $12.

According to the Morning News, Legends Hospitality, which handles all the concessions for the stadium, "expects to sell 15 tons of nachos, 5 tons of hamburgers and 25,500 gallons of soda" during the Final Four games. And for people who just can't face a sporting event without alcohol, booze will still be permitted at pre-game tailgating festivities outside the stadium.

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