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Local Man Finds Unrequited Love at Whataburger

It seems an uncanny number of the local 'Missed Connections' posted to Craigslist take place at Whataburger locations. Something about the beloved Texas burger chain seems to inspire Cupid's arrow to strike — maybe it's the 'round-the-clock hours, or perhaps it's the fluorescent ambience that solidifies Whataburger's status as a happening meat market. Behold, excerpts from a rather poetic recent ad by a love-struck North Dallas "m4w":

I wish we had crossed paths at somewhere other than a fast food joint but I guess Whataburger is somewhat classy? ... I immediately noticed your lovely gait, your long flowing hair, and your curves. ... A lady finally materialized behind the cash register and took my order, and you preceded to order the exact same thing.

... You walked to the soda fountain and poured yourself a drink then sat down next to me. Your lovely scent transported me into another time and place. I felt as if I was falling backwards through a colossal sink hole in the earth, and the walls were lined with shade-loving flowers that opened just before I fell past them, filling the air with their sweetness.

You got back up and walked over to the fountain again to dump out your drink, I assume this is because it wasn't mixed properly due to a lack of either syrup or carbonation. ... Then our orders came up at the same time, we both got ketchup (they do have great ketchup you must admit).

If by some insane chance you do happen to read this, send me a "letter" (email) and put your car make/model/color as the subject or we can stick with the whole fast food subject and you can put the combo number we both ordered.

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