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Stonedeck Pizza Pub to Hit Deep Ellum This Summer

Deep Ellum will soon be home to another pizzeria: Stonedeck Pizza Pub is currently under construction on Elm Street.

According to Central Track, Stonedeck plans to specialize in "old-school, American-style pies," with crust that "stay[s] straight throughout the eating process without flopping or drooping." (So, basically the antithesis of nearby Cane Rosso?) The most interesting thing about Stonedeck thus far, though, is the promised topping options — in addition to the traditional choices, there will be everything from "from beets, roasted eggplants and tabouli to chorizo, barbecue chicken and chicken tikka masala." Beets on pizza? Sure, why the hell not.

No word yet on what the "pub" part of the equation will involve, but it's probably safe to assume there will be plenty of pizza's BFF, beer. Central Track says "they hope to open doors for dining and delivery by June," at which point Deep Ellum's pizza joints will number five: Serious, Cane Rosso, Mama Mia's, Zini's and newcomer Stonedeck.

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[Photo: Stonedeck Pizza Pub/Facebook]

Stonedeck Pizza Pub

2613 Elm Street, , TX 75226 (469) 802-6742 Visit Website

Stonedeck Pizza Pub

2613 Elm Street, Dallas, TX 75226