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Society Bakery Has Dominique Ansel-Inspired Milk & Cookie Shots

Lower Greenville sweets shop Society Bakery is now offering their version of Cronut creator Dominique Ansel's latest smash hit: milk and cookie shots, which the famed pastry chef recently debuted at SXSW.

Cronuts have inspired countless impostors including plenty right here in DFW, so really it was only a matter of time until someone knocked off the cookie shot. Bakery owner Roshi Munns says that while she certainly wishes she'd thought of the cookie shots herself, it was an idea that instantly appealed to her; her chocolate chip cookie obsession runs deep, and in fact she almost named her bakery Society Cookie.

Munns' version of the cookie shots, which she describes as "substantial in size," are $5 each, or $7 with a pint of milk. She says the edible shot glasses, which are lined in dark chocolate, are very labor-intensive and so they're only offered by custom order at least 36 hours in advance, but there's no minimum quantity.

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[Photo: Society Bakery/Facebook]

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