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Local Chefs Ask, 'What Would Matt McCallister Do?'

Jack Perkins uses tongs instead of tweezers.
Jack Perkins uses tongs instead of tweezers.
All photos via Katherine Clapner

A group of local chefs are running around town impersonating FT33's superstar chef Matt McCallister — but what does it mean?

A series of photos plastered on Twitter and Facebook this morning by Dude, Sweet Chocolate owner Katherine Clapner show an impressive lineup of local industry people — including FM1410's Tom Spicer, restaurateur Jack Perkins, Cafe Momentum's Chad Houser, FT33 general manager Jeff Gregory, and former chef at The Grape Danyele McPherson — sporting t-shirts emblazoned with the slogan "WWMMD" and performing McCallister-esque tasks like foraging.

Perkins, who is of course known for barbecue and burgers, is shown carefully plating a modern-looking dish, using tongs instead of tweezers. McPherson and former FT33 sous chef Misti Norris pose in front of graffiti that reads "Loud diners sshhhh..." (McCallister has publicly complained about noisy diners in the past):


Perhaps most hilariously, FT33 staffers Jeff Gregory, Bradford Hodgkins and Gmo Tristan are depicted foraging while chugging wine straight out of the bottle:

[Photo: @clapner

FM1410's Tom Spicer throws a entire animal head on the grill:


Jeana Johnson and Colleen O'Hare of Good 2 Go and Mot Hai Ba go foraging:


So what's the deal with #WWMMD — a clever promotion for an upcoming event, perhaps? Clapner isn't ready to spill the beans just yet, offering up only a cryptic "you have to figure it out." UPDATE: Says Clapner via Twitter: "No event. Just supporting our guy."

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