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A Tale of Two Reviews: Brenner & Reitz on Blind Butcher

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Leslie Brenner and Scott Reitz both reviewed Blind Butcher: Both critics are pretty enthusiastic about the food at this Lower Greenville hot spot. Brenner calls the duck poutine "pretty luscious," and Reitz concurs, proclaiming its richness "capable of causing palpitations while simultaneously making you not care that your feet are going numb." Sausages are a standout; Brenner's favorite is the brisket-cheddar, while Reitz praises the "rich and gamey" duck and foie version and the bangers and mash.

Both enjoyed the house-cured meats — Brenner calls the charcuterie plate "one of the better" in town, and Reitz notes that while "it may lack the refinement" found at pricier restaurants, it offers "big, aggressive flavors." Both critics are impressed by the beer selection, and Brenner enjoyed the craft cocktails, which "have a lot of character." Both enjoyed the Cobb-esque elbow salad; Reitz calls the pig ears a "misstep," but Brenner seemed to enjoy them. Where they seem to differ the most is on service. Reitz doesn't devote a single word to it, calling the Butcher "very much a bar," but Brenner was clearly rubbed the wrong way by at least one server and proclaims the service "sort of mean," "beyond annoyed," and full of "cranky ineptitude"; she still deems it "worth a visit," though. [DMN/Observer]

Teresa Gubbins checked out Bread Zeppelin: This "chain wannabe" in Irving stuffs chopped salad inside hollowed-out baguettes for a creation "that's both unpredictable and unexpectedly good." The bread is fresh-baked to order, then stuffed with custom creations from a plethora of ingredient choices including various vegetables and lettuces plus "beans, nuts, fruit, cheese, egg, meats and tofu," or there's preconceived zeppelins like The Lone Star, "with grilled flank steak, avocado, tomato, fried onion, jalapeño and crunchy iceberg lettuce, tossed in a creamy wasabi dressing." Overall, Bread Zeppelin "gives salads a way to go portable" that's also very tasty. []

Daniel Vaughn reviewed Billy's Oak Acres Bar-B-Q: Owner Billy Woodrich "knows how to cook," as evidenced by meats like the Wednesday pork chop special, "a smoky piece of incredible pork that is still intensely juicy," and "pork ribs [that] are good with a sweet glaze and subtle smoky notes." Brisket is fatty, "tender and smoky" and can be had with sausage in an open-faced "Franklin Sandwich." Sides, including "potato salad, slaw, pinto beans, green beans, and pea salad don't get fancy" and all except the green beans are made in-house. Desserts are a hit, including a moist pecan-caramel pound cake, caramel apple pie and "rich banana pudding [that's] topped with chessmen cookies rather than the more familiar Nilla wafers." [TMBBQ]

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Blind Butcher

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