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Cafe Brazil and Cafe Herrera Invade Denton

Last week, Denton was blessed with the grand opening of two local chains: Cafe Herrera, a spin-off of the long-standing Dallas Tex-Mex spot Herrera's Cafe, and Cafe Brazil, a breakfast joint known for late hours and bottomless coffee with ten locations across the Metroplex.

Cafe Brazil, sure to be a popular destination for the caffeine-swilling, laptop-gazing study crowd, takes over the defunct Pizza Inn location on West University, just north of the UNT campus. The expansive menu is the same found at the chain's other locations, featuring everything from chilaquiles and chicken-fried steak to M&M pancakes and pasta, plus the aforementioned self-serve coffee and massive slices of cake.

Meanwhile, Cafe Herrera occupies a building on the Denton square right next to the controversial Subway franchise that caused so much grief last year, but this time around, the town is all smiles. (It looks like the secret to opening a non-local restaurant in little D is to think small and don't be Subway.) Featuring a full bar with an extensive drink menu that's heavy on the tequila, Cafe Herrera is the place to be if you're near the square and looking for a margarita to go with your taco plate.

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Cafe Brazil

6420 North Central Expressway, , TX 75206 (214) 691-7791 Visit Website

Cafe Brazil

501 W. University, Denton, TX 76201