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KFC is Testing a Chick-Fil-A Competitor in Arlington

KFC parent company Yum Brands is taking aim at beloved-yet-controversial chain Chick-Fil-A by opening a chicken-only test restaurant called Super Chix in Arlington.

Anyone who's ever patronized a Chick-Fil-A will find the Super Chix menu mighty familiar: According to its website, it will focus on chicken sandwiches (specifically, "The Last True Chicken Sandwich") and chicken tenders that are marinated, "hand-breaded" and then fried in 100 percent peanut oil. There will also be "hand-cut" fries that can be customized with different seasonings as well as frozen custard that can be turned into shakes and "concretes," plus "hand-squeezed" lemonade, a couple salad options and cole slaw; according to Super Chix's Instagram, the chicken sandwiches will even be served in foil-lined wrappers similar to the ones utilized by Chick-Fil-A.

Unsuspecting customers who stumble upon Super Chix will likely have no idea the concept is born from the same mega-corporation that created the KFC Double Down; as AdAge points out, SuperChix's marketing materials offer no indication of its relation to the world's biggest fried chicken chain.

According to Super Chix's Facebook page, which also has coupons for various free food offers, the restaurant will open to the public this Wednesday; the test store is located in a strip mall at the corner of Cooper Road and Park Row Drive, which puts it within 5 miles of at least four different Chick-Fil-A locations, with the closest only about three-quarters of a mile away.

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Super Chix

612 W. Park Row Drive #620 Arlington, TX 76010