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Sundown Chef Patrick Stark Takes His Dates to Dive Bars

Patrick Stark is not particularly difficult to spot in a crowd, thanks to the black-and-red mohawk the Sundown at Granada chef currently sports. While he's a fixture at the Lower Greenville restaurant and its next-door sibling the Granada Theater, some may have also spotted Stark on Food Network's Cutthroat Kitchen (on which the chef has made not one but two appearances over the past year).

Locally, here's where you might expect to find Stark and his mohawk when he's not taking a stand against GMOs or whipping up duck risotto croquettes and kale salads in the Sundown kitchen:

Where do you go for a quick lunch? Green Grocer off Greenville Ave. The staff is always happy and helpful, and the food there is super tasty and of course, non-GMO.

Where/what do you eat after you get off work late? I stopped eating late, but if I do, I like Betty's Best Around [on Lower Greenville]. It's also a plus that they stay open till 4 a.m. and deliver.

Where do you like to drink, and what do you usually order there? My favorite watering holes — of which I am a creature of habit — would have to be Cosmos in Lakewood and Lee Harvey's. I think I actually pay for the utilities at Lee Harveys. If you get to one of these places, ask for a "Wrinklie" shot. You'll thank me later.

Favorite breakfast or brunch place? I would have to say my favorite brunch spot at the moment is Capitol Pub. The bartenders Rocko and Josh are always having a good time and the food is always spot on.

Best date night destination? Believe it or not, Lee Harvey's or the Granada for a show. I dig both of these spots because you get to really see what someone is all about. Both venues seem to naturally weed out the snobby or pretentious people.

What's your favorite pizza place? I would say a lil family run restaurant in Lake Highlands called Primo Brothers Pizza... not to be confused with Brothers Pizza. Hands down, it's the best slice for over a decade.

Do you have a favorite burger in town? Is it okay to say it's actually our Sundown Burger? It's made with organic bacon, Chisholm Trail steak ground burger patty, goat cheese, and caramelized rootbeer onions — this burger will excite your palate, trust me.

Any other favorite Dallas places? 20 Feet is the bomb dot com for seafood and Chef Marc Cassel always brings a smile and entertainment. I also really dig Chef Eric [Shelton] over at Kitchen LTO and Chef Omar at Casa Rubia.

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[Photo courtesy of Sundown at Granada]


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