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Why John Tesar's Knife Will Serve Steak By The Inch

Inside Knife.
Inside Knife.
Photo: John Tesar/Facebook

As John Tesar's modern steakhouse Knife ramps up to open any day now at the Hotel Palomar, much attention has been given to one particular menu item: The 240-day dry-aged steak, which comes bearing a hefty-sounding menu price of $80 an inch. As it turns out, though, an inch of steak is actually a more generous portion than you might imagine — as the chef explains to Eater National, a one-inch serving with the bone intact actually weighs around 24 ounces and can "probably feed four people." But first, it's got to spend 8 months inside a $50,000 custom-built meat hanging box that must be tended to daily — which almost makes $80 an inch sound like a relative bargain?

Eater National has more on the aging process and why Tesar decided to price the meat by the inch.>>>


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