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Mi Piaci Owner Says Ex-Biz Partner 'Stole' His Restaurant

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As reported last week, recently shuttered Preston Center Italian restaurant Mi Piaci is poised to reopen as Cucina Neighborhood Italian, and per a report by Nancy Nichols over at SideDish, Mi Piaci owner Brian Black is pretty pissed off about it.

In an email statement posted to SideDish, Black says, "Through the use of unethical legal practices, my ex-business partner stole the restaurant from me." He says Cucina is a joint effort from his former business partner/lawyer and the space's landlord, and that he's planning to file suit against them both. Black goes on to say, "They are attempting to imitate Mi Piaci by using the same menu and staff from the former Mi Piaci Cucina. The principles and family members that have been involved with the Mi Piaci brand since 1991 have NO affiliation to this new restaurant."

Mi Piaci was located in Addison for more than 20 years before being locked out by the landlord last summer; the Preston Center location was open just 9 months before closing last month.
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Mi Piaci

8411 Preston Road, Dallas, TX 75225

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