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Plano Bar Catches Flak For Awful Domestic Violence Joke

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In another case of "they really should have known better," Plano bar Scruffy Duffies is getting blasted for displaying a tasteless (and all-too-familiar) joke on its chalkboard menu: "I like my beer like I like my violence: Domestic."

As reported by the Dallas Morning News last night, patron Courtney Williams discovered the sign Saturday night when she entered the bar with friends. Williams says via a Facebook post that has since gone viral that the sign "struck a chord that this bar was condoning domestic violence as a joke," and she asked that it be taken down. The sign was eventually removed, but not before Williams says she was condescended by the management and subsequently denied admittance when she attempted to re-enter the bar.

As Central Track points out, the "joke" — which was apparently written on the chalkboard by a female bartender — has seen its fair share of headlines: Last year, a Houston bistro issued a public apology after posting a similar sentiment, and a few months later a bartender in Austin was fired after writing it on a chalkboard menu. Just last month, it popped up yet again on a sign at a bar in Philadelphia.

An official statement posted to the bar's Facebook page claims that the joke was posted "without owner's approval" and that they're "currently investigating the situation." (Said post currently has 185 comments, most of them critical.) Of course, if history is any indicator it's probably just a matter of time until the 'joke' pops up somewhere else.
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[Photo: Scruffy Duffies/Facebook]

Scruffy Duffies

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