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Zoli's NY Pizza Uses Its Sign For Comedic Purposes

Unlike some restaurants that use their changeable letter signs to advertise specials (yawn), Zoli's NY Pizza Tavern utilizes its signage for a more altruistic purpose — to provide passers-by with as much humor as they can squeeze into a couple lines. Owner Jay Jerrier says he's personally responsible for the majority of the sayings that find their way up onto the sign outside the Oak Cliff pizzeria, but that Zoli's general manager Britt Chapman also does some of them ("the unfunny ones"). Many of the slogans are inspired by current events, and sports are also a popular topic — expect to see plenty more digs at the Rangers and the Cowboys if the teams' performances aren't up to par this year.

Of course, not everyone finds the constantly-rotating sign funny — one angry Yelp reviewer was none too amused by the "no hipsters" declaration from Zoli's early days, and Jerrier says a few people also got mad about the mention of "food porn" from the same sign incarnation. While his signs may have their fair share of detractors, it could definitely be worse — as Jerrier notes, "Scruffy Duffies apparently knows the dangers of sign comedy" all too well.

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Zoli's NY Pizza Tavern

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