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Arlington is Apparently America's 'Most Taco-Crazed' City

Image: Estately

Arlington is the most taco-crazed city in America, according to a study released today by real estate blog Estately. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Texas was found to have six of the top ten 'most taco-crazed' cities: It occupies all of the top five spots (the others being in descending order Fort Worth, Austin, Dallas and San Antonio), with the sixth city, Houston, coming in at number 9.

Estately used three different sets of criteria "to determine the level of taco enthusiasm in the largest 50 U.S. cities". First, using Yelp they determined what percentage of the city's restaurants actually serve tacos; second, they calculated the "percentage of Facebook users in each city expressing interest in tacos"; and third, they used Google Trends to measure "the level of internet searches related to tacos."

As Estately points out, "The results were not terribly surprising. Texas and southern California were the most enthusiastic about tacos, with considerable interest also in the Southwest." Eastern cities Philadelphia, Boston and New York City came in at the very bottom of the list.

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