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World Cup Beer; Bridge Party; Denton Taqueria Guide

Photo: Trinity River Revel/Facebook

BEER WIRE—Peticolas Brewing Company has created "a new IPA called Thrilla in Brazilla in honor of the World Cup which will be played in Brazil," says CraveDFW. Look for it to be released June 12; Peticolas says via their Facebook page that soccer-specific pubs who plan to show the game with audio will get the beer first. [CraveDFW/Peticolas]

CONTINENTAL BRIDGE PARK—An all-day party called the Trinity River Revel will take place Sunday, June 15 to celebrate the opening of Continental Bridge Park. Events will include a gospel brunch, a beer garden, a farmers market, a driving range, a car show and yes, a danceathon. [Trinity River Revel via Advocate]

DENTON—Here's a guide to the taquerias on Denton's East McKinney Avenue, which blog We Denton Do It declares "the Champs-Élysées of taco shops." [WDID]

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