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The Early Word on John Tesar's Knife

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Photo: Garrett Hall/EDFW

Chef John Tesar's highly anticipated modern steakhouse Knife debuted at the Hotel Palomar last month to much fanfare, and while it hasn't been open long enough to be officially reviewed by the critics, plenty of diners have taken to the internet to report on their experiences. While a couple folks aren't too keen on the affordable 'new school' cuts of beef, many others find them both delicious and a great value, and there's plenty of praise for all the other meaty options as well. Here's what people are saying about Knife:

The Atmosphere News:
Zagat describes the restaurant as having "a relaxed but easily sophisticated vibe that feels more modern and thoughtful than your typical high-end steakhouse." An OpenTable reviewer has mixed feelings: "The bar areas inside and out look comfortable and inviting, the dining room design look like cheap 70s."

The So-Much-Meat News:
Zagat recommends the charcuterie plate: "Salami, sopressatas and spreads make up the bulk of this board, our favorite item being the luxurious and velvety chicken-liver pâté. Slathered across a toast point, it vanished like meat butter on the tongue." A Facebook fan concurs: "The pig head and charcuterie were both stellar." According to a Yelper, "pork belly was superb as was the very beefy beef cheek."

The Steak News:
An OpenTable user is a fan of Knife's 'new school' cuts: "The concept of various cuts of meat to allow cheaper alternatives is great. The tri-tip and lamb were each perfectly cooked and amazingly flavorful." A Yelp reviewer, on the other hand, is not a fan of the concept: "DO NOT order off the 'new school' menu of strange cuts of meat. if you must go to Knife stick with the regular stuff like filets or rib eyes etc." Another Yelp user strongly disagrees, saying, "Try the "new school" selections, they're highly underrated and extremely flavorful." Critic Leslie Brenner appreciates the range of options: "What's important to know is that there's something for every type of steak lover. Adventuresome yet thrifty? Go for the tri-tip... Wealthy and set in your ways? Ask for a 24-ounce 44 Farms bone-in ribeye."

The Sides News:
Blogger Eat Style Dallas says "the avocado fries were a home run and felt like Tesar's ode to the State Fair. Also try the 'Johnny's Mac & Cheese' which was rich and heavenly." A Yelp reviewer sums it up thusly: "The sides were awesome." Another Yelper wishes for more potato options, though: "I usually order a steak and some type of potatoes when I go to a fine steakhouse. They did not offer a baked potato or any au gratin potatoes or anything like that as a menu option."

The Salad News:
Teresa Gubbins at CultureMap has kind words for the salads: "The salads exhibit the same wild abandon his salads did at his now-closed One Arts Plaza restaurant The Commissary ... The pea shoots salad is killer, with roughly chopped pea shoots; freeze-dried fresh peas that crackle when you bite them; and a cool, creamy frozen pea sorbet. A Yelper agrees, saying, "The pea shoot salad with pea sorbet was the surprise winner, really creative and delicious." An OpenTable reviewer wasn't too keen on the wedge, though: "The wedge was $15 (ouch) and we were told it would feed two. It was actually smaller than many wedge salads at other higher end steakhouses — and it was not special either."

The Drinks News:
Blogger Eat Style Dallas offers praise for the cocktails: "... the Melon Ball (a mezcal and melon drink) is delightfully smoky yet well balanced with the sweet melon. [Barman Michael] Martensen has taken classic quick orders like the Long Island Iced Tea, Sex on the Beach and Planters Punch and elevated them to suit the scene and more mature clientele." One Yelp user was none too pleased by the craft beer pricing: "The can of 'Dallas Blonde' was listed on the silly ipad menu at $7 ( a ridiculous markup), but was charged at $8." Another praises the wine selection: "The wine list has some major gems on it that won't empty the wallet."

The Dessert News:
Restaurant critic Leslie Brenner weighs in on the dessert menu: "Go for the one called 'dark chocolate,' a parfait-like, creamy, chocolatey layered concoction served in a tall glass." A Yelp reviewer offers her thoughts: "I'm tired of the boring desserts served at high end places around town ... Knife's desserts were tasty and playful. Get the caramel pretzel cake and ice cream."

The Value News:
A Yelper doesn't think it's worth it: "We received our check in an envelope that say 'The Damages' and yes they were the damages because it is not worth the price." An OpenTable user strongly disagrees, however: "The food was outstanding and like Spoon, I felt that the dinner, while pricey, lived up to the sort of stand-alone event that justifies the cost."


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