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The Joule's Cocktail Bar Will Be Called Midnight Rambler

Oh thank goodness: The Joule will not be naming their subterranean cocktail bar Mirth & Refuge after all. Per blog Eat Style Dallas, the hotel's upcoming basement bar will instead be called Midnight Rambler.

As previously reported, the bar is the brainchild of Chad Pope and Christy Solomon, who also oversaw the creation of the bar program at the hotel's CBD Provisions. (It was originally going to be operated by Consilient, but it's probably safe to say that's no longer the case.) It'll take over the space formerly occupied by PM Lounge.

Eat Style Dallas suggests "early August" as an opening date, while CultureMap says "fall 2014." Either way, if you want to work there you'll have to answer hard-hitting questions about your favorite band, favorite movie and favorite artist, so good luck.

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[Photo: The Joule/Facebook]

The Joule Hotel

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