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Vagabond's Industry Night; Kate Weiser Ice Cream Pop-Up

Photo: Margo Sivin/EDFW

LOWER GREENVILLE—Vagabond is now doing Service Industry Sundays: Service industry peeps get 25 percent off everything. (Bocce ball is free for everyone, as per usual.) [Vagabond/Facebook]

TRINITY GROVES—Future Trinity Groves tenant Kate Weiser Chocolate will be offering a preview of her future ice cream menu at TG's Little D Farmers Market this Sunday beginning at 10 a.m. Per Weiser's Facebook page, it looks like the flavors for purchase could include everything from Ascension coffee to lime mascarpone. [KWC/Facebook]

MOCKINGBIRD STATION—Mention "#ShopSummer" at Urban Taco Mockingbird Station now through June 8 and get free guacamole. (It's unclear if you actually have to say "hashtag," but for the enjoyment of everyone around you, maybe just do it anyway?) [Mockingbird Station/Facebook]

Kate Weiser Chocolate

3011 Gulden Lane, , TX 75212 (469) 277-1306 Visit Website

Urban Taco

3411 McKinney Avenue, , TX 75204 (214) 922-7080 Visit Website


3619 Greenville Ave., Dallas, TX 75206 (214) 824-2263 Visit Website