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Deep Ellum's New Candy Shop is Actually a Bar

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Hey look, it's a candy shop! (Or a bar.)
Hey look, it's a candy shop! (Or a bar.)
Photo: EDFW

The Elm Street space that formerly housed barbecue-serving bar WORK. is now a candy shop — except, it's not really a candy shop, but rather a top-secret cocktail bar called Truth & Alibi. Per an inside look from UrbanDaddy, behind that candy-colored facade is a swanky space decked out in ornate wallpaper, fancy velvet sofas, vintage telephones, mirrored tables and what appears to be an old red phone booth in one corner. Word on the street is this mysterious new spot opens at 9 p.m. tonight — oh, and apparently you'll need a password. For that, stalk their Facebook page or perhaps give them a ring at 972-693-5830. (And if you do manage to weasel your way in, please report back.)

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Truth & Alibi

2618 Elm Street, Dallas, TX 75226