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Seven New Food Trucks to Check Out This Summer

The Yim Yam Truck does Thai fusion fare.
The Yim Yam Truck does Thai fusion fare.
Photo: Yim Yam Truck/Facebook

While the DFW food truck boom has certainly slowed down considerably, there are still plenty of new trucks that have hit the streets in the past year. Asian fusion remains a popular genre for trucks, but recent additions to the scene also include trucks specializing in sweet and savory waffles, biscuit sandwiches, Neapolitan pizza and vegan baked goods. Here are seven newer trucks worth seeking out; with a solid lineup of food truck parks now dotting DFW, you might even be able to hit a few of them in the same day. (And as always, truck schedules vary from day to day and are often affected by inclement weather, so do check Facebook and Twitter feeds before heading out.)

yimyamtruckFB200.jpg1) Yim Yam Truck
The Scoop: Thai fusion is the name of the game at this brightly colored truck: Think green curry pork tacos with Thai slaw and spicy mayo, the "Nutty Chick" rice bowl with chicken satay and peanut sauce, lemongrass beef sliders, sweet potato fries with spicy Thai seasoning, and deep-fried red curry jasmine rice balls.
Must-Try Dish: Chicken wing pops are fried to perfection and coated with a sticky, tangy tamarind glaze — just be sure to grab plenty of napkins.
Where to Find It: Frequent appearances at Sisu Uptown, the Arts District and Sprouts, but be sure to check their schedule.
[Official Website]

bitemybiscuittruckFB200.jpg2) Bite My Biscuit
The Scoop: A food truck with a menu centered around homemade biscuits seems like a clear home run for DFW; seriously, why didn't anyone think of this before? This shiny silver trailer serves up a variety of creative sandwiches served atop (square!) biscuits, including a chicken biscuit, a hanger steak biscuit and a burger. Sides and desserts include deep-fried doughnuts made from biscuit dough and fried sweet potato shoestrings with brandy marshmallow sauce.
Must-Try Dish: The BBLFGT sandwich with bacon, arugula, fried green tomatoes and balsamic creme fraiche.
Where to Find It: The Hay Lot at the Fort Worth Stockyards; First Mondays in Weatherford.
[Official Facebook Page]

bellatrinoGH200.jpg3) BellaTrino
The Scoop: This fancy custom-built truck features built-in seating and a wood-fired oven that churns out super legit Neapolitan pies in just 70 seconds. Pizzas come out nicely charred, with a puffy, chewy crust and fresh toppings; there's also sandwiches made from pizza dough (called "panuozzi") and a few salads including antipasti and caprese (plus gluten-free pizza crusts made with SmartFlour).
Must-Try Dish: You can't go wrong with the classic margherita, but veg heads should check out the Terra with baby kale, mushrooms, pecorino and thyme.
Where to Find It: BellaTrino roams the Metroplex, but find them regularly at Times Ten Cellars in Fort Worth, The Green Spot on Tuesdays and at McKinney and Routh in Uptown in the evenings.
[Official Facebook Page]

saykimchiFB200.jpg4) Say Kimchi
The Scoop: If you're a fan of the fermented cabbage condiment known as kimchi you'll find plenty to like on this Korean fusion truck's menu — they use it in just about every dish, including Korean tacos, a bulgogi Philly cheese steak and kimchi fries (a la Ssahm BBQ). The specialty here is the cup bob rice, a tall cup layered with rice, vegetables, a choice of meat (including Spam!) and one of several different sauces, including eel sauce, "Kor-BQ" and a Chinese-style orange sauce.
Must-Try Dish: The Korean Weiner (cue immature jokes) is food truck fusion at its finest — a bacon-wrapped dog topped with kimchi (duh), onions, cilantro and your choice of sauce (we suggest the Kor-BQ).
Where to Find It: This truck traverses DFW, regularly popping up in Plano, Denton and Dallas.
[Official Facebook Page]

bobaddictionFB200.jpg5) Bobaddiction
The Scoop: Boba tea is apparently an acquired taste, as not everyone is a fan of the squishy, chewy tapioca balls that give the popular Taiwanese drinks their name; if you enjoy beverages you can chew, this truck is a must-visit. They make their drinks from fresh ingredients rather than the powders some other places use, and the pearls are always cooked to bouncy perfection. Bobaddiction also has "shaved snow" with toppings like sweetened condensed milk, fruit and tapioca pearls.
Must-Try Dish: Passion fruit green tea for something summery and refreshing; Vietnamese coffee if you need a caffeine boost.
Where to Find It: Arts District; Monkey King Noodle Co.; Sisu Uptown.
[Official Website]

vegannomsFB200.jpg6) Vegan Noms
The Scoop: This truck (from a yoga instructor, naturally) launched in January with a totally vegan menu of baked goods including cupcakes, muffins, brownies and an array of cookies in flavors including snickerdoodle, chocolate chip, peanut butter and "The Gator," which are made with oat flour, chocolate chunks and bananas. They also do catering, just in case you need an animal-free dessert setup for your birthday party.
Must-Try Dish: Classic chewy chocolate chip cookies and red velvet cupcakes, crowned with a fancy swirl of creamy frosting.
Where to Find It: Sigel's on Greenville; Uptown (near the Quadrangle).
[Official Website]

wafflewagonFB200.jpg7) The Waffle Wagon
The Scoop: This waffle-centric truck got rolling in Denton earlier this year with sweet and savory creations like waffle BLT sandwiches, a waffle burger (served with a side of syrup for dipping or drizzling), or a waffle topped with peanut butter, bacon and bananas.
Must-Try Dish: The hot turkey, ham and Swiss with a side of raspberry preserves is like a reimagined Monte Cristo.
Where to Find It: All over Denton: Mulberry St. Cantina, Austin Street Truck Stop, East Side (formerly East Side Social Club).
[Official Facebook Page]

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