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Hooray, Lower Greenville's Getting an Indian Restaurant

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Indian food aficionados know that to find truly great saag paneer (or samosas, tikka masala, naan, et al), one generally has to travel outside of the loop to North Dallas, Richardson or Irving — but those dark days could be coming to an end, as CultureMap's Teresa Gubbins reports that an Indian restaurant is headed to Lower Greenville.

Per Gubbins, Shivas Bar & Grill is coming to the corner of Greenville and Alta (across the street from Nora, in the space that was briefly occupied by Thai restaurant Royal Cuisine) and will be brought to you by a husband-and-wife duo of Indian restaurant vets who hail from Lexington, Kentucky. Expect Shivas to feature both southern and northern Indian food, as well as "some Indochinese and Malaysian dishes." There will also be a full bar and what sounds like a decent amount of dedicated parking spots. Shivas is slated to open in July.

· Shivas Bar & Grill Adds Indian Food to Greenville Ave. Smorgasbord [CultureMap]

[Photo: Lauren K./Yelp]

Shivas Bar & Grill

1907 Greenville Ave, Dallas TX 75206