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Twitter Reacts to John Tesar's Anti-Leslie Brenner Rant

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Tesar and the anti-Leslie Brenner shirt he was gifted.
Tesar and the anti-Leslie Brenner shirt he was gifted.
Photos: Margo Sivin / courtesy of John Tesar

The internet basically exploded this morning after chef John Tesar tweeted what may eventually be referred to as "the fuck you heard 'round the world" — a public lashing directed at Dallas Morning News critic Leslie Brenner in response to the three-star review she'd just filed on Tesar's newest restaurant, Knife. The now-infamous tweet (and Tesar's subesquent declaration that the critic was banned from his restaurants) quickly garnered reactions from several media outlets including the LA Times — as well as some big-name chefs like Hugh Acheson, who served on the judging panel during Tesar's Top Chef stint — but nowhere was the response quite as rabid as right here in Texas. Here's what people are saying on Twitter about the Tesar vs. Brenner debacle (for more reactions from the rest of the food world, see Eater National):

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