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John Tesar Lashes Out at Leslie Brenner Over Three-Star Review

Many Dallas chefs would likely be thrilled to get a three star (out of five) review from notoriously finicky Dallas Morning News dining critic Leslie Brenner, but not John Tesar. The ever-candid chef took to Twitter in the wee morning hours to air his grievances with the critic's just-published review of his Hotel Palomar steakhouse Knife, saying amongst other things, "you have destroyed the star system and you really suck."

Lines from the review that Tesar probably wasn't too happy about include:

· On the 45-day aged steaks: "... I was surprised that it didn't have more complexity."

· "It's a shame that when such care is taken with sourcing and aging, the kitchen too often drops the ball."

· "Desserts ... are less interesting than they sound."

· "While there's clearly something special going on here, and the restaurant has great potential, Tesar might well be a victim of his own exuberance and energy."

At least one fellow restaurateur piped up to agree with Tesar on Twitter:

Halbert is the owner of McKinney Avenue's Barter, which received its own one-star review from Brenner earlier this year.

Interestingly, Dallas Observer critic Scott Reitz also just published an overwhelmingly favorable review of Knife, proclaiming it "an exceedingly likable restaurant." Stay tuned for more from Tesar.

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