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Cane Rosso's Suburban Pizza Invasion Slated For August

Recognize that wallpaper?
Recognize that wallpaper?
Photo: Cane Rosso Fairview/Facebook

Progress is coming right along on Neapolitan pizza sensation Cane Rosso's first suburban location in the once-sleepy boomtown of Fairview, located at the mega-development straddling North Central Expressway that's known as The Village at Allen & The Village at Fairview. Owner Jay Jerrier says they're tentatively looking at opening the first week of August; their custom-made Stefano Ferrara pizza oven is currently headed this way from Naples via boat, and once it arrives in Houston it'll have to make its way through customs before being transported, installed and then cured for 10 days before the pizzeria can open for business.

Manning the oven will be head pizzaiolo Rob Bristow, who has several years of Neapolitan pizza experience under his belt; he most recently worked at Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana in Vegas and previously did some time at Cane Rosso Deep Ellum under exec chef Dino Santonicola. (Bonus for Fairview's eligible bachelorettes: Jerrier says he's "single and dreamy.")

Fittingly, Cane Rosso Fairview will be serving long rectangular family-size pies (known in Italy as "pizza a pala"); cooked in a deck oven and handled with a custom-made, extra-long pizza peel, they'll be available in "very limited quantities" on weekend nights only. Like Cane Rosso's other locations, Fairview customers can also expect a dog-friendly patio and a BYOB night with no corkage fee. In the meantime, stalk Cane Rosso Fairview's Facebook page for updates and menu item experiments; a recent post depicts a pretty delicious-looking Monte Cristo brunch pie topped with gouda, prosciutto cotto, strawberry-habanero jam and powdered sugar.

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Cane Rosso Fairview

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