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DiDi's Tamale Diner Bringing Tortas, Tequila and Paletas to Trinity Groves

Photo: Trinity Groves

Another week, another impending opening at rapidly expanding Trinity Groves: DiDi's Tamale Diner already has an existing location in Mesquite (which Texas Monthly deemed "off the beaten path, but worth it"), and the soon-to-open second location at Trinity Groves will expand on the concept with a very important addition — a tequila bar that will feature beer, margaritas and mezcal.

As concept creators DiDi Fernandez and Michael Beck explain in a video from Trinity Groves, the menu will feature both Mexican and Central American tamale varieties wrapped in either banana leaves or corn husks. Tamale fillings will include masa or rice along with proteins like cheese, smoked brisket, pork or chicken, and several different sauce options including three kinds of salsa, queso, crema and chili con carne.

To accompany the tamales there will be several different options of rice and beans (think refried, charro or black). They'll also serve what they're boasting as "the best tortas in Dallas," filled with smoked brisket, pork, chicken or even fish, along with the traditional accoutrement like lettuce, avocado and tomato, as well as pickled vegetables. Diners can also expect housemade paletas in flavors like guava, strawberry and mango-blueberry.

Another soon-to-open Trinity Groves concept to keep an eye on is Kate Weiser Chocolate; Sushi Bayashi, Off-Site Kitchen and Cake Bar will follow later this year.

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DiDi's Tamale Diner

3011 Gulden Lane, Suite 101, Dallas TX 75212