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Fat Rabbit Kitchen & Bar Coming to Old Sfuzzi Spot

An Eater tipster spotted a sign for something called Fat Rabbit on the construction fence at the former Sfuzzi location on McKinney Avenue. A cursory search reveals a recent application for a late-night mixed beverage license and a barebones Facebook page with this dapper Bugs Bunny impostor lording over it. Who's behind this mysterious new concept (other than a tuxedo-clad rabbit), and more importantly, will they carry on Sfuzzi's legacy of terrible music, a packed patio and frozen Red Bull and vodkas? Stay tuned for more info as it becomes available.

In other Uptown news, ground has just been broken on the newest fancy apartment building called The One Dallas, which is being constructed on the graveyard of the old Hard Rock Cafe at McKinney and Routh. It will reportedly have "two restaurants on the first floor," one of which will be called Style & Grace.

· Fat Rabbit Dallas [Facebook]
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[Image: Fat Rabbit/Facebook]