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Christmas in July at Melt; Foie Gras Chocolate Skulls

Photo: Malcolm Mayhew/EDFW

FORT WORTH—Melt Ice Creams is hopping on the "Christmas in July" bandwagon: This weekend they'll feature a "frozen hot chocolate with toasted marshmallows, chai, and kahlua" flavor. Yes please. [Melt/Facebook]

OAK CLIFF—Speaking of things you should eat this weekend: Dude, Sweet Chocolate's Bishop Arts location is featuring chocolate skulls "stuffed with foie gras caramel crystals and bergamot," which frankly sound like a steal at $3. [Dude Sweet/Facebook]

VICTORY PARK—Cook Hall will showcase craft brews from Lakewood Brewing at a beer dinner on Friday, August 22 at 7 p.m. Five courses will include dishes such as chilled watermelon gazpacho with herb-poached shrimp and a chili-glazed pork chop with summer bean salad. Tickets are $55 per person and reservations can be made by calling 214-397-4111. [EaterWire]

Dude, Sweet Chocolate

408 W 8th Street Suite 102, Dallas, TX 75208 214 943 5943

Melt Ice Creams

1201 West Magnolia Avenue, , TX 76104 (817) 886-8365 Visit Website

Cook Hall

2440 Victory Park Lane, , TX 75219 (214) 397-4111 Visit Website