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Stonedeck Pizza Pub Joins Deep Ellum With 'American-Style' Pies and Moonshine

<em>[Photos: Korri Kopsi/EDFW]</em>
[Photos: Korri Kopsi/EDFW]

For such a relatively cozy neighborhood, Deep Ellum sure has a lot of pizzerias: Stonedeck Pizza Pub opened its doors last weekend on Elm Street, joining the existing lineup of Cane Rosso, Serious, Zini's and Mamma Mia's. Stonedeck's pizza style, which they describe as simply "American," is certainly unique: A "slice" at Stonedeck is not a slice in the traditional sense of the word, but rather an individual triangle-shaped pizza that's crispy around the entire perimeter. Patrons can build their own from a list of toppings like barbecue chicken, Italian sausage, pickled green tomatoes and artichokes or pick one of four house specialties, including "The Special," with spicy marinara, cherry peppers, blue cheese, pepperoni and caramelized onions (check out a copy of the menu over at Eats Blog).

The atmosphere is more on par with say, Cane Rosso than Serious, with table service and a full bar boasting plenty of local craft beer and an extensive variety of moonshine; there's also a noteworthy back patio with picnic tables, Jenga and cornhole on offer. Stonedeck is now open for lunch and dinner daily, with late-night hours till 2 a.m. on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

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Stonedeck Pizza Pub

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