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Welcome to The Five Days of Meat, Starting Right Now

Pecan Lodge brisket.
Pecan Lodge brisket.
Photo: Margo Sivin/EDFW

Look away, vegans: The carnivorous orgy known as The Five Days of Meat starts now, and it's happening right here at Eater Dallas and across the rest of the Eater universe. Throughout the week (until about oh, 5 p.m. Friday) we'll be showcasing all things meaty through maps, interviews and photo series, so prepare for an overload of steak, burgers, sausage, charcuterie, meats-on-sticks and of course, barbecue.

Keep an eye on the hashtag #TFDOM on Twitter to follow along with all the meaty happenings, and maybe consider changing your lunch plans — there will be plenty of time for quinoa salad next week.

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