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Who Needs Electricity? Matt McCallister & Guest Chef Brandon Baltzley Don't

Photos: Kevin Marple / via Wagstaff Worldwide

How's this for rustic cooking: The next FT33 guest chef dinner will be cooked entirely without electricity. Per a press release, Matt McCallister will host chef Brandon Baltzley of the recently opened TMIP Restaurant at Exterior Farm in Michigan City, Indiana, for a one-night only "minimalist dinner." At his ten-seat restaurant located on an actual farm, Baltzley takes "farm-to-table" very seriously, growing produce and raising hogs and chickens on-site. He's bringing his "serious back-to-basics approach" to FT33 on Monday, July 21, when he and McCallister will collaborate on an eight-course dinner that will be prepared without electricity and with "no modern cooking" — everything will be cooked over a live fire, and guests will have to rely on candlelight to get their forks to their faces.

This is just the latest in a string of some very creative collaborations at FT33; a recent guest chef dinner featured a collaboration between McCallister, NYC chef Alex Stupak and renowned drum and bass DJ Dieselboy. The cost for this event is $105 per person, plus $55 per person for wine pairings; call FT33 at 214-741-2629 to reserve.

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