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Pad Thai Throwdown; Spicy Doughnut Eating Contest

Pakpao Thai.
Pakpao Thai.
Photo: Garrett Hall/EDFW

DESIGN DISTRICT—Pakpao Thai will celebrate their first anniversary by hosting a pad Thai throwdown on Sunday, September 14. Interested home cooks should email with a reason why they should be chosen to compete against chef/partner Jet Tila along with any supporting evidence (photos, video, et al.); a winner will be chosen by a panel of celebrity judges. On the day of the event Pakpao will offer $5 Bloody Marys from 11-2 p.m. to be followed by a cooking demo from Tila. [EaterWire]

WHITE ROCK—Hypnotic Donuts will hold their third annual spicy doughnut-eating contest on August 30. The goal is to eat five doughnuts topped with ghost pepper icing, fresh habaneros, fresh jalapenos, dried Asian peppers and drops of ghost pepper sauce in 15 minutes; whoever finishes first (or eats the most) wins a trophy, a gift bag of hot sauces and $50 cash — plus bragging rights, of course. Get info on how to sign up here. [EaterWire]

OAK CLIFF—Bolsa Mercado has devised the cure for the common juice bar: They're spiking their juices with booze and creating concoctions like The Politician (grape, ginger, gin) and the Frida Kahlo (orange, lime, tequila). Booze masquerading as health food and free wi-fi? Yes please. [Bolsa Mercado/Facebook via SideDish]

Hypnotic Donuts

9007 Garland Road, Dallas, TX 75218 214 668 6999 Visit Website

Bolsa Mercado

634 W Davis Street, Dallas, TX 75208 214-942-0051