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Ashwood Replaces Korean Chicken Wing Chain Bonchon

That was quick: Korean chicken wing chain Bonchon tragically shuttered its one and only Texas location a couple weeks ago, and a new restaurant has already opened in the space on Greenville Avenue near Lovers Lane. Ashwood looks promising, provided you're into terrifyingly American creations like jalapeno cheeseburger quesadillas with ranch and white sheet cake with vanilla icing (scope out the full menu over at Eats Blog), but Bonchon fans will no doubt be disappointed: There are self-proclaimed "famous" wings here, but they come in flavors like mango-habanero and lemon pepper rather than the addictively sweet-and-spicy sauced Korean varieties. There is a pretty decent selection of craft beer, though.

In regards to Bonchon closing, franchise manager Mike Kim said via an official statement that "the Bonchon concept might have been premature for the Dallas market," and that the chicken chain has "no immediate plans to open another Dallas location."

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[Image: Ashwood/Facebook]

Ashwood Bar & Kitchen

5500 Greenville Ave #1300 Dallas, TX 75206