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House 34, A Restaurant That No One Went To, is Closed

That's an awfully nice patio.
That's an awfully nice patio.
Photo: Margo Sivin/EDFW

Another restaurant bites the dust: Belly & Trumpet neighbor House 34 is closed, as the Observer's Scott Reitz reported late yesterday. Per the paperwork posted on the door, it owes some $24,000 in back rent. Open since last June, House 34 never seemed to gain much traction as a dining destination, and in recent months it'd developed a reputation amongst a certain sect of partygoers as a late-night spot on the weekends. (Behold this flyer featuring a scantily clad lady for an "All White Party" that will never be.) Surely this location, with its coveted McKinney Avenue-facing patio, won't stay empty for long; stay tuned to see what moves in next.

· House 34 in Uptown Has Closed [City of Ate]

House 34

3403 McKinney Avenue, Dallas, TX