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Hallelujah, Indian Food Has Landed on Lower Greenville

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Indian food enthusiasts who live in Dallas know all too well that there are no good Indian restaurants to speak of near the city center. Thankfully, Shiva's Bar & Grill has landed on Lower Greenville to fill the void — and there's nary a steam table or buffet line in sight. Owners Sumathi and Ramesh Sundaram specialize in the vegetable-heavy cuisine from the southern Indian region of Tamil, but there's also northern Indian fare and a bit of Malaysian and Singaporean-influenced food on offer as well.

The wide-ranging menu includes all the standard American favorites like chicken tikka masala and palak paneer as well as some more oddball items like tamarind-glazed quail and lobster or alligator curry. Samosas are gigantic and flaky, with a filling of hearty ground lamb or vegetarian-friendly potato and pea; crispy-around-the-edges garlic naan is another must. The gluten-free sect should check out the dosas, rice and lentil crepes rolled around meat or potato filling, and even Indian food-averse diners will find something to like here: There are chicken wings in several different flavors including tangy tamarind barbecue. True to the "bar & grill" part of the name, Shiva's has a full bar; don't expect craft cocktails, but there are some interesting creations like a bourbon mango lassi, a decent selection of wines and several beer options.

More good news: Unlike previous tenants in this particular corner space (Jack's Southern Comfort Food and more recently, Jo24), Shiva's has plenty of parking for customers, including a whopping ten spaces located behind the building. Business hours are Sunday through Thursday 5-11 p.m. and Friday and Saturday 5 p.m.-3 a.m, making a filling post-drinking meal of spicy curry, rice and naan a very welcome possibility.

Shivas Bar & Grill Menu

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