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Don't Worry, The West Village's Future Public School 214 is Actually a Gastropub

A rendering of the future PS214.
A rendering of the future PS214.
Photo via Shiroma Southwest

Public School 214 is slated for the new 3700M building that's currently under construction in Uptown's West Village, but don't worry — this isn't like that charter school they randomly plopped down in Deep Ellum. It's actually a gastropub, or according to the official press release, "a full-service restaurant and bar that delivers 'An Education in the Art of Food and Beer.'" Driving the educational theme home will be "scholastic influences" and a decor theme that "evokes nostalgic memories of a classroom."

Unlike your classroom of yesteryear, however, there will be lots of alcohol, including 24 craft beers on draft, "artisanal cocktails" and wine on tap. The food sounds like it'll be a cut above the typical cafeteria grub, too, with items like bacon cheddar tots with sriracha ketchup and a lamb burger with tomato-cranberry jam, brie and arugula. Happy hour at PS214 will be referred as "recess" and will feature discounted beer and cocktails, plus an array of $4 to $7 snacks like mac and cheese or parmesan truffle fries. Public School already has three existing locations in Southern California, each branded with a local area code. Look for the Dallas location to open sometime this winter.

· Public School [Official]

Public School 214

3700 McKinney Ave. Dallas, TX 75204