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Zoli's Creates Glorious Pizza/French Fry Hybrid

How does Zoli's NY Pizza make awesome pizza without wheat flour? With french fries, of course.

Zoli's, home of the pizza-french fry hybrid.
Zoli's, home of the pizza-french fry hybrid.
Garrett Hall/EDFW

POST CLARIFICATION: While the french fry pizza at Zoli's is made with no known gluten-containing ingredients, it is not (nor will it ever be) 'certified' gluten-free. If you are deathly allergic to gluten, it's probably safest to not step foot inside Zoli's, where the air is almost certainly filled with particles of wheat flour.

Oak Cliff's Zoli's NY Pizza Tavern is finally heeding the cries of the gluten-free sect, and they're doing it in a pretty ingenious way. Rather than relying on some exotic and expensive blend of fancy gluten-free flours, Jay Jerrier and his merry band of pizza masters are building their pies on a crust of glorious french fries.

Take, for instance, this pie that was posted to Zoli's Facebook page over the weekend, which features hot soppressata on top of a garlic-parmesan french fry base:

Zoli's Gluten-Free Pizza

A glorious pizza-french fry hybrid. [Photo: Zoli's]

Owner Jay Jerrier says their quest for french fry pizza began when Cane Rosso exec chef Dino Santonicola spotted an article about the mashup on Gizmodo. "Apparently french fries are a big deal to Italians," he says via email.

From there, Zoli's master pizza maker Lee Hunzinger took the idea and ran with it. The process for making the french fry crust pizza is relatively straightforward: Scratch-made garlic-parmesan fries are cooked and cooled, then assembled in a heavy-gauge pan used for Zoli's Sicilian-style pies with a kind of "glue" made from mozzarella. The crust is cooked separately and then removed from the pan and completely cooled to ensure it stays intact before being topped like a normal Sicilian pizza would be.

"As you might suspect, it is VERY heavy, but also freaking awesome," says Jerrier. "A small slice goes a long way."

The labor-intensive process means the french fry pizza won't be a regular menu fixture, but expect to see it featured from time to time on Fridays or Saturdays. Stalk the Zoli's Facebook page to keep tabs on availability.

Zoli's NY Pizza Tavern

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