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Fort Worth Pizzeria Masterminds Frito Chili Pie Pizza, Because Texas

A ridiculous food mashup that actually looks pretty delicious.

Pizza, meet Frito pie.
Pizza, meet Frito pie.

Fort Worth fast-casual pizza place Pizza Snob recently unveiled a thoroughly Texan new creation: Frito chili pie pizza. Fort Worth food guru Bud Kennedy points out that the bizarro pie's arrival is right on time, what with the impending opening of the State Fair and all its culinary monstrosities. Per Kennedy, the pizza is topped with "asiago cheese, chili beef, candied jalapeños, chopped red onion and Fritos." It also comes topped with a mayo-esque "creamy chipotle sauce," which Kennedy says is best left off — but come on, you're already eating Fritos on pizza. Might as well gild the lily, no?

Pizza Snob: 3051 S. University Drive, Fort Worth; (817) 462-7662;