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LYFE Kitchen is Not For Burger Lovers

Scott Reitz on healthy California export LYFE Kitchen, plus Si Tapas and more.

Looks pretty healthy in here.
Looks pretty healthy in here.
LYFE Kitchen/Facebook

Scott Reitz checked out LYFE Kitchen: The California-based chain ("that was, ironically, started by two former McDonald's executives) recently invaded Dallas with "a modern, clean environment where you're almost completely surrounded by healthy choices." Perhaps unsurprisingly, you'd be wise to skip the burger — it suffers from "a dry patty and a chalky bun," and "there are healthier dishes that are much more worth your time." Better options include a buffalo chicken wrap that "doesn't resemble health food at all," flatbreads, fish tacos and faux-fried chicken; a chia seed chocolate budino is "absolutely delicious." Some of the menu suffers from execution errors and inconsistency, but overall, "LYFE could be your go-to restaurant if you're looking for a quick meal that won't stick to your midsection." [Observer]

Mark Vamos (filling in for Leslie Brenner) reviewed Si Tapas: Amongst a sea of small plates restaurants, this cozy Uptown restaurant "[does] tapas the traditional way ... authentically Spanish, and in enough variety of tastes and textures to keep interest and appetite piqued." The "straightforward and unpretentious" menu is expansive, with 60-plus items; for best results, order "two or three dishes per person." The best of the bunch include "gambas al ajillo, small perfectly cooked shrimp in garlic and olive oil," bacalao croquetas ("crisp-on-the-outside, creamy-on-the-inside croquettes of béchamel and salt cod"), and "the montadito de Casa Lucas, a delightful plate of grilled pork tenderloin on a bed of caramelized onion over rounds of toasted bread, topped with a crumble of Cabrales cheese." Dessert-wise, "crema Catalana, crème brûlée covered in white chocolate shavings," is the best option. [DMN]

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