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Banh Shop's New Logo is 100 Percent Less Offensive

Yum! Brands' banh mi concept has a new logo minus that red Communist star.

The new logo.
The new logo.
Banh Shop/Facebook

Fast food conglomerate Yum! Brands recently launched a new banh mi test concept near SMU, but early controversy overshadowed any potential good news about the sandwiches. As Teresa Gubbins reported earlier this month, Banh Shop "raised some ire" with its original logo — a five-pointed red star commonly used as a symbol of Communism. Members of the local Vietnamese community came together and started a petition "requesting that the logo be redesigned," and to the company's credit, they quickly apologized, removed the logo from the building and vowed to redesign the logo. Now, they've made good on that promise, vanquishing any evidence of the previous design and replacing it with a plain black-and-white version. Perhaps now people can focus on more important matters — like how Banh Shop's sandwiches measure up to the stellar banh mi found locally at places like Garland's La Me, for instance.