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Oak Regains Its Fourth Star, and More Reviews

Photo: Oak

Leslie Brenner re-reviewed Oak: The swanky Design District restaurant had lost a bit of its luster under former chef Richard Gras, but now under the care of Brian Zenner, "many of the plates at Oak are once again worth showing off." The critic is especially enthusiastic about starters like hamachi with dashi gelée, "superb foie gras torchon" and "an elegant mussel and coconut soup" with Thai flavors. "Main courses are successful, too, but more quietly and less impressively so," and "don't show up intent on tasting any particular dish," as the menu frequently changes. Four stars. [DMN]

Scott Reitz went to Yutaka Sushi Bistro: Neighboring izakaya Sharaku may have closed, but this Uptown sushi destination is still packing in the crowds nightly. Almost everything the critic tasted was excellent; he recommends the $20 "sushi tour of Japan" as "a perfect way to get to know the flavors of Yutaka." Other standout dishes include miso black cod, sizzling Wagyu beef, grilled yellowtail collar and seaweed salad with cucumber. [Observer]

ELSEWHERE: Fort Worth Weekly went to a beer tasting dinner at Chef Point Cafe; Zagat checked out brunch at So & So's; TMBBQ reviewed Southside BBQ in Hill Country; SideDish tasted brownies (spoiler: Bread Winners has good ones);


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