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Back Home Barbecue Hits East Dallas in February From Company Cafe

The drive through restaurant will feature a 'green' smoker, take out beer, and unusual evening hours.

Inside Company Cafe
Inside Company Cafe

Gluten free pioneers Company Cafe are jumping into the barbecue game come February, Culture Map reports this week, with plans to bring a drive-through spot Back Home Barbecue to East Dallas. The operation, which will feature a 'green' smoker, molecular mac n cheese, a take-out window for food (and likely beer), and the oddball hours of 4 to 10 p.m., will be located in the former Yin's Wok space at 5014 Ross Avenue.  Prefer to dine in? There will also be a small dining room dressed in Company Cafe's signature 'rough-hewn recycled wood' for your barbecue-feasting pleasure as well.