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Amsterdam Falafelshop Will Bring Stoners' Delight To Deep Ellum, Summer 2015

Fried-to-order falafel and topping buffet covers three food groups: stoner, drunk, and vegetarian.

A DC-based falafel chain Amsterdam Falafelshop is heading to Deep Ellum this summer, as part of an aggressive expansion that includes spots in Boston, Philly, and Salt Lake City as well.  Good news is the franchisey falafel is both drunk food of the highest order (if you don't eat doner kebab, that is) AND veg-friendly.  The menu is actually entirely vegetarian, featuring their signature pita with falafel "balls" (fried to order) and Belgian style fries along with a veritable buffet of toppings most stoner types will surely abuse.

The location, 2651 Commerce Street (next to Brian Luscher's upcoming house of weenies Luscher's) will be veteran-owned, and the partners reportedly also "have the rights to open another" in town too.

Uptown also recently gained a late-night falafel spot with Pera Wine Bistro, which also serves more carnivorous options like doner kebab and is open until 4 a.m. on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.