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Barter on McKinney Avenue is Calling It Quits

Goodbye, delicious cocktails and soft-shell crab fajitas.

Farewell, Barter.
Farewell, Barter.
Garrett Hall/EDFW

If you're a fan of Barter, better get there quick: According to a post on the restaurant's Facebook page, this will be their last weekend in business.

The space at 3232 McKinney Avenue has suffered a bit of revolving door syndrome, starting out as Private Social back in 2011; after the departure of original chef and Top Chef alum Tiffany Derry, it briefly transformed into PS under chef Najat Kanaache (who has since left Dallas). Finally, it was revamped into Barter, which opened in December 2013 with a Tim Love-designed menu, rustic decor, and "Eat More Bacon" pillows. Barter never found much favor with the critics, though; Leslie Brenner gave it just one star when she filed her review in February 2014.

Will the space undergo yet another reconcepting, or will the Barter team move on to other pastures? The Facebook message cryptically promises, "You will see more of us in the future, but for now this is goodbye." Fans of talented barman Rocco Milano will certainly want to stay tuned and see where he lands next.


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