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What Were Your Dining Grievances in 2014?

What do you hope to see go away in 2015?

Garrett Hall/EDFW

EOY Small

What was your biggest restaurant grievance in 2014?

Nancy Nichols, senior editor/critic at D Magazine: "Eating out of Mason jars."

Teresa Gubbins, dining reporter/senior editor at CultureMap Dallas and Star-Telegram restaurant reviewer: "Plastic utensils, plastic cups, and worst of all, plastic straws. Read up on the Midway Island albatross."

José R. Ralat, blogger at Taco Trail and writer at Cowboys & Indians magazine: "A taqueria newcomer to Dallas, originally from Austin, serves tacos on handmade tortillas made from locally produced masa. That's great and all, but the way the tortillas are stored—not well—results in dry, cracking tortillas. If a restaurant is going to go through the effort of producing tortillas on-site, they should be stored well. The most important component of a taco is the tortilla. If the foundation sucks, the taco sucks."

foodbitch, blogger: "Everybody. Let's get over ourselves and just do our jobs well. OK?"

Whitney Filloon, editor at Eater Dallas: "Having to sit through a three-minute menu explanation at the beginning of every meal. Unless your menu has some groundbreaking new format, you don't need to point out the location of starters and entrees and the fact that cocktails are on the back. We get it."