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School Nutritionist Nags Whataburger to Serve Veggie Burgers

Is eating healthy at Whataburger merely wishful thinking?

Would you order a veggie burger at Whataburger?
Would you order a veggie burger at Whataburger?

A school nutritionist is trying to get Whataburger to branch out from its menu of giant burgers, deep-fried taquitos, and things bathed in honey butter by adding a healthier option. Miguel Villarreal, who originally hails from the Mexican border town of Pharr, Texas, and currently works for a school district in Northern California, is petitioning the beloved Texas-based fast-food chain to add veggie burgers or another "plant-based entree," CultureMap's Teresa Gubbins reports. The petition reads in part:

We are hearing so much about childhood obesity and witnessing firsthand the results of unhealthy eating. Whataburger can help be a part of the solution by adding a plant-based veggie burger to its menus and help bring about a positive change to millions of Americans. ... Adding a plant-based option is also good for business. ... It makes sense that Chipotle rolled out tofu "Sofritas" at every U.S. location, and that Tim Hortons and Dunkin’ Donuts now offer almond milk.

While the petition has less than 700 signatures thus far, it's apparently already grabbed the attention of Whataburger: Villarreal says a rep for the burger chain reached out to him to say "they are always looking at new ideas."

Gubbins points out that "Whataburger's non-meat options are currently limited to a side garden salad," but hey, what about the cinnamon rolls, grilled cheese, and hot apple pies, not to mention the french fries and onion rings? Er, perhaps Villarreal has a point — but to paraphrase the old adage, you can lead a horse to a veggie burger but you can't make him eat it. At any rate, only time will tell if Whataburger decides to hop on the plant-based foods wagon. Tofu taquitos, anyone?